From a Grandmother and Her Three Grandchildren


“Thank you so much for letting my three children go to Camp Agape. They had such fun and it was my grandson’s first time away from home. I finally got the adoption finalized in November, 2009. I adopted as a single parent and the kids all kept their own names. Thank you so much on behalf of my kids.”


“Dear Camp Agape,

I loved going to Camp Agape last year! Thank you for letting me go. My favorite part was socializing with people outside our little town in Vermont. Thanks again. I hope to go again this year. P.S. I had a great time!!”


“Thank you Camp Agape for letting me sleep in a cabin. I loved the fishing.”


“Dear Camp Agape, Thank you for letting me come. I really love your camps. I loved the swimming and all the fun things. I love my friends.